Deines & Deines is a regional law firm serving western Kansas. We are committed to providing personalized service to each client while creating a plan or solution to meet the client¹s personal or business goals.We take pride in our experience and drive for excellence. We are proud members of the communities we serve. Please take a moment and visit with us about how we can assist you in reaching your objectives. Our practice is evenly divided among the below-captioned practice areas:


For over a century, Deines & Deines has provided: 

  • Drilling title opinions
  • Division order opinions 
  • Lease review
  • Lease cancellation suits 
  • Title curative 
  • General contract review
  • Dormant mineral
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We handle traffic infractions involving: 

  • Speeding
  • Municipal fines
  • Parking tickets
  • lack of insurance
  • Diversion 
  • Fine reduction

Wills & TRUST 

We provide services (both hourly and flat rat)e for: 

  • Will drafting
  • Trust drafting 
  • Probate
  • Decree of descent
  • Filing a foreign will
  • General guardianship
  • Estate adminstration


We are a full service real estate firm and offer: 

  • Closings
  • Purchase Sale Agreem.
  • Landlord/tenant 
  • Deed drafting 
  • Right-of-way
  • Trespass suits
  • Adverse possession


Starting a business is a major step and we can assist you: 

  • Entity choice
  • Filing paperwork
  • drafting operating ag. 
  • selling/buying business
  • review agreements 
  • Establishing trademarks